Hello! My name is Nicole, I'm currently living in Cleveland, Tennessee. Growing up, I always was passionate for photography- stemming from my late Grandfather showing me photographs of Europe he took. Now, I have been a professional photographer since 2010 and wouldn't change it for the world! The enjoyment that comes from capturing moments of people's lives is indescribable. 

Writing about myself is definitely not one of my strong suits. So, lets make this simple:

Things I Enjoy:

rain, autumn, nature, waterfalls, cloudy days, law & order, grey's anatomy, sunsets, italian food, naps, wine, coffee, bath bombs, chocolate covered raisins, pizza, actually-- food i love all food. 

Things I Dislike:

traffic, grouchy people, being too hot, doctor's offices, strawberries, coconuts, slow wifi, eating the last piece of pizza, and having that last hair tie break. 


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If you have any questions/concerns/comments feel free to message me anytime. 

Can't wait to meet you!